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ejett What OPT forms are you using to verify students for GED Exam? 1 Nov 13 2008, 4:42 PM EST by caroletotten
Thread started: Nov 13 2008, 2:27 PM EST  Watch
One of the things we discussed at the fall conference in GED Mgt. 100 was whether the PA OPT is a valid indicator of a student's ability to pass the actual test. It is my opinion that the PA is the easiest of the lot, and I could not recommend it to the folks in the class.

Now, in planning my book purchases, I see that Steck Vaughn has a NEW series of books, Keys to GED Success. Guess what? Each book has the PA OPT within its covers. For me, that pretty much eliminates the PA from the mix completely. It will be too readily available to students once learning centers have these books on the shelves.

I spoke with Valencia Smith (Steck-Vaughn rep) this afternoon, and she said, "Everyone knows that the PA is the easiest test." Well, I agree with her but I am not sure that EVERYONE knew.

Anyway, the reason for my call was to ask about the audio cassette version for my students who may seek accommodation. Unfortunately, audio is only available in PA so that means that the special needs GED candidate may have an inflated sense of how well they will do on the test after taking the "easiest" version.

It is quite a dilemma. I wish we had more options.

One more thing... Has anyone purchased the Steck-Vaughn FULL-LENGTH Official Practice test??? If so, is it a combination of a couple of the other ones? Or is it all new "stuff?" I notice it does not have a two-letter code.

Valencia gave me a web site to use to get more info about S-V GED products, so if you want to check it all out, feel free to copy and paste this link into your browser.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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BevBaccala How are things going with the new OPT challenges? 6 Sep 15 2008, 10:29 AM EDT by caroletotten
Thread started: Sep 10 2008, 8:54 AM EDT  Watch
Since the GED testing requirements changed July 1st, our ABE programs have had some new challenges. Tell us about your ABE program:
How are the OPT sessions going?
How do the OPT pass rates look?
Are the people who pass able to get signed up for the GED?
Are the people who aren’t passing the OPT actually signing up for ABE classes?
Have you had any challenging questions or issues come up regarding the OPT and/or the free GED?
Can you think of any information that should be added to the GED Management 100 class to help other instructors?
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caroletotten Flex time testing or not?? 3 Aug 19 2008, 6:43 AM EDT by SandraSPOKES
Thread started: Aug 4 2008, 2:01 PM EDT  Watch
We're conducting an OPT session tomorrow and I'm still agonizing about flex time. I know that GED Examiners use flex time, but distractable students really suffer from the movement in the room and the anxiety/percieved time pressure that adds. I understand the argument that says people shouldn't have to sit and do nothing if they finish early, but I'm it fair to worry about the fast students' convenience at the expense of the slower/more deliberate students' ability to concentrate?
We've done two sessions so far. In our first session, we allowed people to leave whenever they got finished; we gave them a time to come back that allowed for full testing time plus a break. That session had a 55% passing rate, plus we had kids running all over the building doing goofy kid stuff, because we didn't anticipate the long breaks and didn't lay down building rules (like--behave in an adult manner--can't believe we forgot to mention that one). We did a second session where we told people they had to sit quietly for the whole time so that everyone would have a quiet testing environment. No one complained, and we had a 90% passing rate. Was that just a coincidence? I don't know. I know that it was lots closer to what I think of as valid standardized testing conditions on the second session.
I'm wondering how other counties are handling their OPT sessions, or how you plan to handle it when you start doing OPT sessions. I'd love to hear your ideas...
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Word Document 2010 Prospective GED Candidate 19+ revised dec 2010.doc (Word Document - 283k)
posted by caroletotten   Oct 26 2011, 4:57 PM EDT
Kanawha County sends this letter to prospective OPT session attendees who are 19 and older.
Word Document 2010 Prospective GED Candidate 16 17 18 revised December 2010.doc (Word Document - 284k)
posted by caroletotten   Oct 26 2011, 4:55 PM EDT
Kanawha County sends this letter to prospective OPT session attendees who are under 19.
Unknown File OPT Session PPT.pptx (Unknown File - 188k)
posted by caroletotten   Oct 15 2010, 6:32 PM EDT
This is an example of an OPT PPT that helps us manage the paperwork and directions.
Word Document GED TESTING PROCEDURES FOR GCC revised January 2010.doc (Word Document - 76k)
posted by caroletotten   Oct 15 2010, 6:19 PM EDT
This is an example of a Testing Rules packet.
Word Document Click the link for info about scoring the GED Essay.doc (Word Document - 26k)
posted by caroletotten   Sep 27 2010, 3:29 PM EDT
This Word document contains a link to an online essay scoring activity.
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